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frequently asked questions

clearwater beach
minors passengers
4-17 Years old. No ID needed
Parents or Legal Guardian(s) must be present and go with them
minors 14-15 can drive
Must have a Passport, State ID or School Picture ID with Birth Certificate.
Parents or Legal Guardian must go on same ski
minor 16-17 can drive
Must have Passport, DL, DL Permit, ID or School Picture ID with Birth Certificate.
Take a safety class plus a written test.
Must be in 1 hour before reservation time.
Parent or legal guardian must be present.
Must go with minor on same or different jet ski.
18 years old or 1988 driver
Must have Passport, DL,DL Permit or State ID.
Take a safety class plus a written test.
Applies to drivers born in 1988, 1989, 1990, 1991...
Must be in 1HR before reservation time.
1987-1986-1985... driver
Must have Passport, DL or State ID.
Must be in 30 minutes prior reservation time
Street parking , paid parking.
The beach is very busy and parking is limited.
Plan ahead to be at the beach early to avoid traffic and find parking.
We are located in the heart of Clearwater Beach by the roundabout
next to Walgreens, walking distance to everything
Shuttle service is available in the Clearwater Beach area
special notes
We offer 2 Hour tours.
Rinse shower available.
Small groups or private tours.
Max two guest per ski. One Driver one Passenger
Max weight capacity 350LB/158KG total per ski.
Can leave extra clothing, towels at booth.
Tour has lots of free style riding.
Dolphin Search on the two hour tours.
Dry compartment on each jet ski for phones, wallets, small bags.
What happens if it rains while driving? We all get get.
Prices are per ski not per person
When reserving choose how many tests are needed
If test is needed , must choose a class, one class per group
Picture package online special, fee is per group
Shuttle service , roundtrip fee per group
Private tours extra fee per ski, minimum two skis
When reserving guests can choose upgrade options